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Maine Record Shop Going Out of business


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Hi, all; 


If anyone is near Midcoast Maine (Brunswick, to be precise) there's a little record store (Findestkind Vinyl Haven) on Maine Street that's going out of business. They've got well over 100 (as far as I know) 78s in the basement, and a box of about 20 cylinders that look, to my uneducated eyes, to be in pretty good shape in the front of the store. There's also an electric Edison dictating machine (no horn, needs work) in the front window (he asked $100.00 for it last week). I just thought I'd put out the word, in case anyone is interested or traveling nearby. The owner isn't sure how long he'll stay open; he said it could be a month or two or three. Or less... I've been paying him around 2-3-bucks a disc, knowing I'm probably overpaying. Last week, I bought 14 discs at a-buck-a-record. He's reasonable, so knowledgeable buyers will probably be able to negotiate south of that.


Just FYI...

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