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Gennett Matrix


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Does anyone know the matrix range when Gennett transitioned from vertical cut to lateral cut?




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Starr Phonographs And Gennett Records

The Starr Piano Company

By: R. J. Wakeman

Davis California 95616

© 2018 R. J. Wakeman

Effective date: August 1, 2018



“The Starr Company recorded disc records using the vertical-cut technology; early Starr records had blue or green labels with the Starr name in old English script outlined in gold and white surmounting two gold lyres.”


“In April (1919), the Starr Piano Company announced the first lateral-cut Gennett records; the first lateral-cut release was #4500 in February. This announcement brought legal action by the Victor Talking Machine Company charging infringement of the Eldridge Johnson lateral recording in wax patent, U.S. Patent #896,059.”


However, this attachment of the 1921 Gennett catalog is a cumulative list of all Gennett records issued through 1921.  A matrix scheme is difficult to determine.



1921 Gennett catalog.pdf

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