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Mal Hallett and his Orchestra - Beale Street Blues (1929)


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This is an Edison test pressing of The Boomerang (N-1177-B) b/w Beale Street Blues (N-1178-B).  The Boomerang was issued as Edison 14080 while Beale Street Blues was not.  The recording date for both was 10/03/1929 and Edison 14080 was scheduled for shipment at the end of October but Edison shut down his record operation before that could occur.  The copies of 14080 on hand were remaindered to employees and later to others so copies do exist.  It's a shame that Beale Street Blues was not on the B- side of that issue.  This test pressing came with it's original sleeve, which is actually an inside-out Edison Long Play sleeve.



Edison 1177-B_lbl .jpg

Edison 1178-B_lbl .jpg







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What a rare and terrific record. Thanks for sharing the music and pictures.

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