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Phonograph advertising mirrors

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The only one I have ever found was a rectangular white one with powder blue Victor logo and to be honest, I have never been too certain it was that old. Lovely, and may I say enviable collection.

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2 hours ago, melvind said:

Here are a few advertising  mirrors I have collected over the years. What else is out there?



A few???   Great collection Dan --- I believe you've just about cornered the market!


Question: Is this a mirror or some sort of pin cushion (or both)?



Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful phono/record advertising collection,


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It is both a mirror and a pin cushion with a celluloid picture on one side and pins around the edge.. There is also a paper like pin cushion that is not a mirror, but this one is rather cool and I have only seen one other. But, I am sure there are others out there.


Here is a mirror side picture.




And here are pictures of the non-mirror pin cushion piece.









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Checked our advertising mirrors.  What great collections are found on this posting.  Enjoy the photos of three reproduction mirrors found in Nipper Collectibles Vol. I and one original Victrola advertising mirror is found on page 2-77 in Nipper Collectibles Vol. I.   Collecting small Nipper items is fun and do not take up much space (or weigh much.)  Happy Collecting!



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I have been looking for the Victrola mirror in the upper right side of your picture for years. It just seems to continually elude me. But, it gives me something to continue to look for. I agree that these small items are fun collectibles that enhance my enjoyment of the hobby.

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Here is one more mirror I forgot I had. Not as directly related to phonographs as my others, but this Music store mirror represents Edison, Victor and a piano.



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