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You Can't Think Of Everything - Will F. Denny (ca. 1893)


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Here is an early channel-rimmed brown wax cylinder from the New England Phonograph Company circa 1893.  The New England Phonograph Co. was one of the sub-companies of the North American Phonograph Company.  The attached images show the details of the cylinder's manufacture.  The channel rim was designed to hold a glued on paper ring with the title and artist printed on it.  Sadly, this cylinder had lost it's paper ring.  When I purchased this over 20 years ago it did not come with an original box or title strip.




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A very nice example.  Thanks for posting.  What did you use for playback?

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Glad you liked it.  I used an Edison Home model B with a 2 - 4 minute attachment equipped with an early version of the ACT reproducer.  This version mounted in a horizontal carriage arm as would a Model O reproducer.


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My understanding from court testimony provided by William Gilmore was that the paper title rings were used only on the pantographic duplicates being made at that time.  This would explain why so many channel-rim cylinders don't have them.


Nice record!


George P.

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