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Anona - Shannon's 23rd Regiment Orchestra (1903)


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This is a Lambert Ebony cylinder.  The catalog number is 870 and the matrix, or master number is 1-C 870 11/6.  Oddly, it is announced "Perfection Record".  It is also one of the repressed (recycled) older pink Lamberts, in this case formerly number 644.  In tiny print "Lambert Co. Chicago Pat. Mar. 1900 No. 644" is impressed in the celluloid.  The interior is off-white and one of the former reinforcing ridges is present.  Shannon's 23rd Regiment Orchestra occupied a block of catalog numbers from 860 to 870.  Numbers 860 "Polka Dot Two-Step", 882 "Bedilia Two-Step", and 866 "Dixie Girl Two-Step" are announced "Lambert Record" by the same announcer heard on number 870.  Thomas Shannon was a former assistant leader in Sousa's Band.





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