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Diamond Discs on cheap modern turntable


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Please, no hate mail! LOL! I recently purchased a very cheap Crosley Anthology turntable (about 100 on Amazon) with the thought of using it to preview my hundreds of Diamond Discs.  I wasn't looking for superior sound quality, just a player that allowed me to adjust the speed from 78 to 80 or higher and a diamond tip needle.  The Crosley did the trick as it has an AT3600L conical diamond tip needle at 0.6mil.  I wanted this because I'm going through my collection and weeding out records I don't really care for and did not want to have to stand in front of my C19 cranking and playing all day long.  With the Crosley I've been able to zip through dozens of records in a short period of time, listening to a few minutes of each to decide whether to keep or sell.  The sound reproduction is okay but certainly not even close to perfect, but it IS good enough for me to properly judge the music on each record, and that's all I wanted in this setup.  The sound is quite clear but everything sounds as though  it's coming from the left, again that is not a problem for my purposes. I suppose it could be possible to reverse the phasing, but "if it's good enough, why mess?" Plus reversing phasing on this cheap machine is not a simple task!  What makes this model work so well for me is the ability to quickly and simply set the proper speed and the fact that the conical diamond tip is not likely to cause damage.  The needle tracking weight is also adjustable. A control knob  on the top  labeled "Pitch" allows for a 10% speed adjustment on 33, 45 of 78 rpm records and works perfectly!  Again the sound is not perfect, but it is good enough to know if the record being tested is good and makes the screening process MUCH easier.  Oh, for what it's worth this model allows for blue tooth in AND out and both functions work as advertised.  The model # is CR625B 

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I think that's a braet solutrion for you needs Ken.  I sort of went to the other extreme some years back, Fischer 1960s tube amp, equalizer and a turntable capable of vertical/lateral switching.  Diamond discs sound fantastic on it but I also paid significantly more for it.  Enjoy!  🙂

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