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1922 Banjo pieces - Eddie Ross

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I recently discovered "Black Face" Eddie Ross (unfortunate name in today's environment). I am not normally a big fan of Banjo music, but it can be lots of fun. Eddie Ross plays in a different way from other players I have heard. He strums and plays more like a Ukulele than the normal picking often heard on the Banjo. It is interesting and fun to hear.


“Ross' Double Shuffle" by "Black Face" Eddie Ross (Banjo) 1922

DAHR: https://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/matrix/detail/800000501/B-26585-Ross_double_shuffle




Ross' Juba” by "Black Face" Eddie Ross (Banjo) 1922

DAHR: https://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/matrix/detail/800000502/B-26586-Ross_juba



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APS frequently receives a broad array of questions regarding antique phonographs and records.  Recently we received a query wanting to know something about in-store assembled phonographs, common during the 1920’s era.


Information about The Madelyn, an in-store assembled upright from Cobb Music Co., South Bend, Indiana was sought.  The attached image is from The South Bend Times, Sunday, December 3, 1922 was included with the query.  It is a poor scan, but if you enlarge the image and read closely you will note that Cobb Music Co. sold and taught a variety of instruments and in particular, this paragraph which reads:


“For those who do not care to go through the routine of learning different instruments, the ukulele and banjo offer easier avenues to musical pleasure and profit.”



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I have a couple Eddie Ross records. You are correct, he is quite good. I prefer him to Van Eps or Ossman although they represent an evolution in banjo playing style.

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