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Record Cleaning and Sleeves Replacement


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Over the weekend, I received an old Victrola from my deceased grandparents and several boxes of Victor and Columbia records(300) that was stored in a shed and attic.


Several boxes  has mice droppings, excessive dirt, and many of the records sleeves has deteriorated to a point that I have to trash many of them.


Can anyone point me to a resource on what is a good replacement sleeves for these records and on how to clean the mouse dropping, dust, and dirt from the records?


I have done many searches on line, but I see a lot for regular vinyl records, but very little on Victor Records (maintenance and storage).  


Also I have several broken victor records, I assume that I should just toss these?  I believe that the weight of the other records has broke the bottoms ones so I need a better storage option.

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The best and safest manner in which to clean heavily soiled 78s is with warm (NOT hot!) running tap water, a clean towel with some small amount of Dawn or Palmolive dish detergent, and some Terry cloth towels to dry them with. I place them on a folded towel about the size of the record with a gentle turn to soak up the excess water, and then gently rest them in a dish drying rack to air dry the rest of the way.


It's possible to save cracked 78s, but the results are less than thrilling even when you are skilled at it. It's worth it though if they are exceedingly rare recordings, or if it is a record you really want.


The best sleeves for 78s by far are those sold by Kurt Nauck's record auctions. There is a minimum quantity order of 50, but they cost about the same as cheaper options on eBay and elsewhere and are made of very heavy quality paper.

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