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orchestral 78s to give away


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Hi--I live in the Chicago area and am in possession of a group of roughly sixty Chicago Symphony Orchestra 78s that I've gradually accumulated over a long time.  Would like to give them to a good home.


It's a mixture of sets and singles, nearly all in really good shape with little or no wear on the discs.  Some of the singles even have their original paper sleeves, and all of them are carefully stored in album books.


My reasons for this are (1) moving to a smaller place and storage space is tighter; (2) don't have a player for them yet and probably will not be buying one with my space limitations; (3) realizing that after many years of accumulating, my goal of a complete CSO run is still a ways away; and (4) discovering that the complete run is now becoming available in CD form.  The idea of having a nice old player and listening to the complete set in its original format, I'd love to be able to do it but practically speaking it ain't gonna happen.  My run of CSO LPs is just about complete and I'm resigned to compromising on the early stuff.


I might be able to make a little money on them by trying to sell them gradually, but at this point I'd rather just find someone who will take the whole group and enjoy having it.  So if there's someone in the Chicago area who would like to have these, please reach out.  I live just a few miles from the Schaumburg, Illinois location where APS has it's Midwest Expo each year.  Am even willing to drive them over if it's not too far away.

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