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Edison Amberola V


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I just found a beautiful Amberola V (serial # 2282) at an estate sale along with a Victor IV with Spearpoint horn and 200 cylinders.  I wanted the Amberola (pictured here) and my friend Brett Hurt wanted the cylinders and the Vic IV so I bought them all with money he sent to me and delivered the Vic and cylinders to Brett, who was in Chicago to pick up a beautiful Regina Hexaphone.  I'm up in Milwaukee so the trip was just a short 85 miles and I certainly didn't mind taking the items down to Brett and his lovely wife, who live in the Carolinas but drove to Chicago for the Hexaphone.  Imagine my surprise when Brett told me I could have the Amberola as payment for making the delivery!! Such a deal! I ended up with this beautiful machine for the price of a two hour trip to Chicago, thanks to Brett, who you may know as Dyslexic Genius on YouTube.  The pictures here are the Amberola as-found, before I did any kind of cleaning.  I have since cleaned it up, oiled it and made a few minor adjustments and it runs whisper quiet and plays beautifully!  A big THANK YOU to Brett and his wife, Cheryl. They are both such amazing people and credits to our hobby!!! 





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Very nice!


I wrote an article on the Amberola V some years ago for the APS magazine.  In it, I stated that if I had to spend eternity gazing at one talking machine mechanism, it would probably the the Amberola V.  I just love the flywheel cover.


Your example has unusually nice brown enamel, as these have a tendency to flake if kept in undesirable storage conditions.


These are undoubtedly the finest table model Amberolas Edison ever made.   My oak Amberola V is #3131. 


Congratulations - -


George P.

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Thank you! I agree and this quickly became my favorite Edison cylinder machine because of its beauty and functionality.  I also have a very early two clip Standard, an Edison Home and a Triumph model "E".  Those are all very nice, but I believe this one is all around more beautiful even though it lacks the ability to play 2 minute cylinders. Sadly I need to sell my recently-acquired Edison B-19 to make room for this one as I have run out of display space in my living room! 😞  I still have a beautiful C-19 to play Diamond Discs so it's not a great loss, but I had only purchased it about two months ago!

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