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Antique Phono Society Sponsored Educational Presentations?


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I know society members often give phono demonstrations, presentations at schools, nursing homes and various other venues.  Would it be possible for APS to develope a few power point presentations that could be offered on the site, downloaded and used by members giving some of these presentations.


For example:


I might be a member demonstrating an Edison Home  and/or a B-80 Diamond Disc.  It might be nice if instead of trying to explain these machines in context without visual aids, that I could also show some slides, maybe embedded videos starting with tinfoil phonograph, the Berliner, the Edison Class M >>>> eventually ending with the Edison C-4 and some Electrola Radio-phonos (which no man in his right mind would lug to a presentation.


APS logo on every slide, contact information etcetera, some advertising about the sponsored shows and so on.


I'd love to participate but my technical skills are not that great.


Just a thought....

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