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How To Get This HMV 101 to Play and some other things (please look in the description for context)


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I removed the turntable from the HMV 101 and it won’t play when I flip the switch. Before that it had been very rackety and slow even when I cranked (the crank was removed like usual for shipping. Is there anything I missed that I needed to do?

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Not to be mean, but your description is so vague that who knows what you missed or need to do...  


Have you operated a phonograph before, or are you new to this and this is your first experience?  


Detailed, clear pictures of the inside and outside of the machine (especially the motor) along with specific descriptions of what is happening and under what circumstances, is necessary to even remotely diagnose your problem.


Why did you remove the turntable, what "switch" did you flip, rackety like "what" when you cranked?  Was the noise a clunking noise when being wound or unwound.  Was it a scraping metal noise or noisy gears?  Can you wind it fully until you feel resistance or does the crank slip?

Does the turntable spin at all or just remain stationary?

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