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WANTED: Seeking particular Edison Gold Moulded cylinder box


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Seeking particular Edison Gold Moulded cylinder box



I am looking for a particular variation of the Edison Gold Moulded cylinder box, as shown in the attached photo. It is the first felt lined red/gold /black on white paper label design which exists in two very slightly different versions. The only difference is how the minimum retail price is written. I am looking for the variation that reads "35 CENTS APIECE". The other (that I don't want) reads: "THIRTY FIVE (35) CENTS APIECE". The condition shall be very good with the correct lid and label as shown in the photo. If the box comes with the correct matching record, great. If it's just an empty box, that will be fine too.


Please let me know if you have one like this for sale.




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    20.00 USD
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