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FOR SALE: SOLD: Original 1911 Sears & Roebuck Large Format Catalog - Nice!


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SOLD: Original 1911 Sears & Roebuck Large Format Catalog - Nice!

Sears & Roebuck 1911 Catalog - This catalog is original and in good condition. These catalogs were meant to be throw away so the fact that this one is in the condition it is, is amazing with both front and back covers attached. Some great Columbia/Oxford information in this catalog with so many other technological items from the past. There is one torn page in the back, which does not affect anything phonograph related. Very scarce and hard to find. 


I can bring this item to the June Midwest APS show free of charge or can be shipped at buyer's expense.


Thanks for looking.




Catalog 1.jpg

Catalog 2.5.jpg

Catalog 2.jpg

Catalog 3.jpg

Catalog 4.jpg

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    125.00 USD
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