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FOR SALE: Edison Amberola 50 in Mahogany, Serial #4822 - Excellent Original Condition


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Edison Amberola 50 in Mahogany, Serial #4822 - Excellent Original Condition

Here is an all-original mahogany Edison Amberola 50 phonograph is in beautiful condition.  You rarely see a mahogany phonograph with a finish as clean and nice as this, especially for being well over 100 years old. The grille cloth is also original, with some minor tears, but so many examples have no cloth or a reproduction cloth. The Edison decal inside the lid is perfect. The phonograph plays loud and clear and looks great in person.


This is the quality of phonograph you'd be proud to have in your collection!


See video of this Amberola 50 phonograph play "Where Did You Get That Girl" by Billy Murray.


Free delivery to APS show.


Thanks for looking.









Amberola 1.jpg

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    550.00 USD
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