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Edison Long Play Diamond Disc 10004 1926


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I decided to try to transfer an Edison Long Play record. I wasn't sure it would work, but it turned out pretty ok. Perhaps not he most inspiring musical experience and far from sonically terrific sound but historically interesting. The record grooves are 450 per inch. Consider that modern LP records are about 200 grooves per inch. If you open the videos in YouTube there are chapter links for each of the pieces on the record. And, there is a bit more information about Long Play records. Enjoy (if you can). For me, the L side is a bit more interesting, but both are nice to hear.




Thanks to Stan Stanford for lending me the records. In the past I had a Long Play machine and several records. But, I sold them a few years before I started transferring records. So I appreciate the access Stan gave me to a few of these records..

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11 minutes ago, Valecnik said:

Nice job Dan!  How did you record it?  An LP stylus is small enough to track in those grooves?


Thanks Bruce. Yes I did transfer it using an Ortofon Blue cartridge at 1.25 grams. It uses a 1.5 mil stylus and that is about the size of the groove from what I read. Tracking simply would not work with a 78 stylus. Lots of noise and clunks to try to clean up, but it did work. I wasn't sure when I started that it would work. 

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Well done Dan. That’s smaller than LP stylus right? I did not know you could get them.  You must have some vertical/lateral switch too?

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I use a device called the Puffin by Parks Audio Systems. (See link below.) Not cheap but the best thing I ever did for transferring videos. The device allows you to set all kinds of things including allowing for vertical recordings. You can adjust everything while playing a record to get the sound just as you like it. Then just transfer it. It's an amazing device that has saved me hours and hours of time. You can store up to 4 custom settings and recall them when needed. And, for modern LP records it has great built in settings that work quite nicely. The nice thing is it allows me to use stereo cartridges while the Puffin makes adjustments without the need to rewire a cartridge in a special way. The sound is much better than when I used a wired cartridge in the past.




BTW: I just read on his website that he is currently out of the Puffin but provides a waiting list for September 2023 release of more of them. 

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