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Brunswick Panatrope P-3


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I don't know much about this piece, but from what I hear its pretty rare and desireable. Can anyone tell me more about it? Its interesting, it doesn't have a serial number.














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2 hours ago, phonogfp said:

The cabinet is enough to sell me!  What a beauty - -


George P.

I'm planning tobsell it. Not sure what its worth is the only problem...

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Hi Tony,

As someone posted in another thread, your machine was made by Brunswick ,  probably in 1926.  This is from a series of P-3s offered in De-Luxe cases that were originally made to house an electrically powered turntable with acoustic reproduction.  Your machine is the "Chippendale".  I have attached a copy of the P-3  brochure showing your model.    The electric turntable would be the same, but a magnetic pickup is used in lieu of the Ultona reproducer and a 6" speaker and RCA amplifier take the place of where the horn or tone chamber would be located.  On some models they had to plug needle cup holes in order to install the sound control in reality only one needle cup is typically needed for an electric machine.  The power switch has cleverly been installed on th side of the cabinet in the same hole where the sound control slide would be located for the horn.   The power cord may be missing but a replacement can be made from salvaged parts and reproduction cord.   The removable back with vent screens has been removed and probably lost from the rear of your phonograph.  The chimney is also missing from the ballast tube.  That is an important piece whereas it creates air movement through the amp to help cool it.  This is one of the first if not the first A/C amplifier that  RCA created, rushed partially by Brunswick who wished to concentrate on all electric machines in the electric sound recording revolution of 1925, whereas Victor and Columbia focused on scientifically designed acoustic reproducers and tone chambers for the new records.  The cabinet of your machine if very beautiful and I believe the original finish can be revived and touched up with some skillful care.  Please do not try to power up your machine before someone has had a chance check the capacitors.  It is normal for them to dry up and then line voltage can leak into the grid, burning up tubes and causing problems and more repairs.


There is sort of a niche group of collectors that may be interested in your machine who can also restore the amplifier and pick up.  where are you located?

I hope this helps,

Darren S.


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@Springmotor70 I do have most of the parts youre talking about. I removed them to take pictures of the inside for people who know what they're looking at. 


I live in Littleton Colorado 

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Letting everyone know that this lovely Brunswick P-3 Chippendale is now in Indianapolis, In in my collection. ☺️ I have already rebuilt the rubber in the pickup. Also done some preliminary testing powering up with my Variac and a 100W light bulb in series. It plays faintly but distorts badly. So it looks more than likely that there are some sections open on one or more of the three power resistors.  Will not take too much to get it up to snuff. 😃


 Carlton Smith    

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