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FOR SALE: NIPPER NORITAKE TEA SET: “Nipper forever in people’s hearts”


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NIPPER NORITAKE TEA SET: “Nipper forever in people’s hearts”


This elegant tea set was commissioned with the Victor Creative Agency in 1997 by Hideki Umeda of Japan.  It is made by Noritake, one of the leading names of fine china made in Japan.


30 sets were made for the celebration of 100 years of the Nipper logo.  We were contacted by Mr. Umeda and imported 12 sets to the United States. Of these, only two sets remain unsold. Here is a rare opportunity to own one of these stunning sets.


The set consists of 5 cups and saucers, 1 teapot with cover, 1 milk jug (creamer) and 1 sugar bowl with cover.  The set is made of fine Noriaki bone china.  Above the trademark logo says, “Nipper forever in people’s hearts.” A banner under the Nipper logo says, “SINCE 1899”. The tea set was commissioned for the Nipper centennial year 1899.  The tea set is sold in the original box. 


Can only be delivered to the Wayne Musical Extravaganza show in April or to the APS Midwest Music Expo show in June.


E-mail with any question or interest:  nipper@dataex.com

Thank you,

Rob & Joan



Nipper Tea Set Rolfs.JPG

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    450.00 USD
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