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FOR SALE: FOR SALE: Edison Diamond Disc Records


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FOR SALE: Edison Diamond Disc Records

I have 42 Edison Diamond Disc records and about 10 various 78's and a Columbia record duster....$110.00 for all. All in good shape. DD's have been stored in a C-250 for years. C-250 was sold. *I will be at the show in Charlotte on Thursday March the 23rd around 1pm and will be leaving the show on Friday around 2 pm. If you have an interest, I can deliver at that time. I want to sell the group as a lot.  (There is a pdf list here of the DD's) Would like these to go to a good home. Please email questions, etc. to Lee_bk@comcast.net

Diamond Disc Records 3-9-2023.pdf

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    110.00 USD
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