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How to disassemble this VV-VI and maybe some tips for greasing the main spring


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I’m new and need to grease the main spring (I’ve never done it) and don’t wan’t to damage the phonograph


I also don’t know what grease to use (there isn’t a manual, at least I don’t think so)






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Use a good quality modern automotive grease like Mobil 1 (NO Vaseline and graphite mix, like in the old days, it just dries out and gums up the works).  The manual says to use vaseline because it was a new thing in the early 1900s - they didn't realize that it was paraffin, or basically candle wax which would harden into a sticky mess. 


The VV-VI is a relatively simple machine to work on, so have fun learning.


Here is a copy of the original operators manual:


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NOTE:  If you have never dealt with a mainspring, don't worry about damaging your machine since it is very sturdy and not easily damaged.  


Do worry about injuring yourself, because mainsprings are dangerous to remove.  If it gets away from you, it is very strong and sharp, which can cause a serious injury.  It would be best to have it serviced by someone familiar with the procedure.  If it isn't making any "clunking" noises when wound, you might just push some grease into the spring barrel and not try to remove the spring.  If it seems to wind up and operate smoothly, just leave it alone and grease the gear train and oil any pivot points.


Good luck and don't be afraid to learn about your phonograph.

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One more thing: check the white rubber gasket around the mica diaphragm on the reproducer to see if it is still flexible or rock hard.  If it hasn't been replaced and is hard, it will need to be replaced to get the best sound from your records.  It's not a difficult procedure to rebuild the reproducer.  Also, the black rubber connector on the back of the reproducer should be flexible, if not, new ones are available.



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