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Historical but rare record (wanted if anybody has)


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I was interested in a record called “With Our Boys at the Front” which has Sgt. Edward Dwyer (recipient of the Victoria’s Cross) talk about the retreat from Mons and life in the army. I was surprised to find no photos or info on 45worlds or discogs. I did eventually find the record label and numbers (Regal G728). I wonder if anybody has more info (photos mainly) and if they do maybe sell it?


Also is it possible to contact the people who made the Oh! It’s a Lovely War CD volumes? If so a goldmine of information about WW1 records would be found.

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Not sure if you are still interested regarding this record, but can now see it on Discogs (added about a month ago) - Regal ‎ G 7228

I think you can contact the Oh! It’s a Lovely War CD people via the following link
James Nice

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Wow this was posted a while ago and I forgot about it, thanks for letting me know as I wasn’t aware. Thanks again

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