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WANTED: Operollo instruction manual


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Operollo instruction manual

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I'm looking for an Operollo instruction/owner's manual.  The record player was made somewhere between 1917 and 1920.  I am not interested in ads.  Thank you.


Jim Skelly

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Operollo was a supplier brand that went to a third-party company for the mechanical hardware. Finding a specific instruction manual is going to be hard, they likely used a generic manual put out by the supplier.

What style tonearm does it have? 

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Posted (edited)

Hello Ben,


I found no identifying marks on the tone arm or reproducer.  It was assembled or sold out of Detroit.  I would expect an instruction manual came with it since it likely would have been the first record player someone purchased.  Maybe a parts list would identify the manufacturer of the various parts, but most likely it would just list a part name and part number.  The set screw or thumb screw holding the reproducer to the tone arm is missing.  Note the black texture in photo #2 behind the plastic, which appears to have fractures (photo #3).  The last photo is another detail view of the reproducer.   





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