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Wanted: Pictures of Pathe roosters.


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I'm looking for possible variations in the Pathe rooster store displays.


So far, I have found three variations:  

#1 - the rooster is standing on a 10" record base, with the words "Pathe Disc" in raised letters on top.

#2 - the rooster is standing on a 12" record base with the same two words.

#3 - the rooster is standing on a 10" record base with the words "No More Needles" incised around the outside of the base.


In addition, I have found two variations in the original paint schemes:  one is a mottled brick red on the rooster, with the letters highlighted in gold.

The other is a more realistic color scheme on the rooster, with gold highlighted lettering on the base.


I'm interested in seeing any other roosters or variations that you might have...

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I really like the Pathe roosters. I have not been lucky enough to find one up to now. I still look but haven't even seen any available for several years. I missed out on one of the smaller ones on eBay more than 10 years ago.  I got outbid at the last moments of the auction.


If anyone wants to sell one I would be interested. 😏

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