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WANTED: 2 min Cylinders wanted for new collector!


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2 min Cylinders wanted for new collector!

Hi, I'm a newbie with a Columbia BK player.  I am interested in 2m Celluloid cylinders to build my collection.  Columbia, Indestructible, Edison Gold, etc. Must be in decent playable shape with no cracks or major wear.  Looking for common/reasonably priced records.   I am particularly interested in early ragtime, Hawaiian, whistling, banjo, foreign language music, but I am open to what else you might be willing to part with.  Also in need of spare boxes for a few of my cylinders that are missing boxes.  I am located in Western NY, and prefer US shipment.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am in the process of disposing of my phonograph collection of Edison and Columbia cylinder machines, a Victor Schoolhouse phonograph, horns and cranes, records and collectibles.  I have quite a large number of cylinder records (Edison and Columbia) in both 2 and 4 minute formats.  I have many in original boxes, some in mismatched boxes and some cylinders with on boxes.  I don't have any spare boxes.

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