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Help with a Victor 9-40


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Hi all -


I just picked up a VE9-40 and need some help from the collective.  It is missing some parts and I am looking for someone that can get me some detailed pictures and measurements so I can reproduce this part, assuming that I will not be able to find one that is not exploded pot metal.  Or if you have one that I can borrow to make a mold from, I would be very grateful!!!  I would cover all shipping and it would be handled with great care.  Those of you that know me, know how I am in handling items like this.






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Just now, Auxetophone said:

I'm sure the paper and electrical tape works just fine...stop being fussy. ?



Oh, you are hilarious!!!!  Should I just paint it silver and leave it???  ?

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Mark - tried calling you to discuss, but both numbers I have are NG now.  That just means we don't probably talk as often as we ought to.  In the meantime, this just looks like someone may have had the dynamic transducer/driver on it, which of course failed - so they kludged up the "regular" transducer, with home-made plumbing.  I'll try to pull mine away from the wall and take shots so you can compare;  it still has its dynamic driver on it.  Honestly, if it's working, you might be best to just create a more permanent (and reliably airtight) connection between the transducer and the valve.

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Mark, attached are photos of the tone tube for the magnetic driver used on the 8-60 and the 9-40. Note the bayonet mount on the small end. Many were retrofitted by Victor or the dealers to use the large moving coil driver with the electromagnetic field. The retrofit required a slightly different tone tube and a 25:1 output transformer.


Good luck in your search, there are probably some junked 9-40’s available with the earlier tone tube.


Mark in MD



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