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CD-20X Followed me home last week.


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My big buy for the year! Victor CD-20 X Counter demonstrator s.n. 916.  It was missing the bottom and needed a few things cleaned up on it. The high impedance pickup coil was not good but I had a spare in my stash. The correct motor mounts were missing and I had those in my stash also.  I consulted with Jeff Lendaro and sent me images of the bottom and the motor mounts. I made the bottom from a piece of Victor wood off of a trashed Borgia II cabinet.  It now looks correct and works great! 

These were used with single hand held earphones. The brand Victor used is not documented as far as I have presently researched. One knowledgeable collector told me he that he once owned a demonstrator years back that he had bought out of the basement of a music store. It had several of this type earphone made by the Tower Scientific Co. with it.  However, I have yet to find and example of this Tower brand or any other brand that actually matches the ones used as pictured in the Voice of Victor ad below. The Trimm "Featherweight" of which one came with my demonstrator are easily obtainable and work fine.  I bought another Trimm to be used as a pair as they were originally used with one jack. This is also pictured in the VOV ad.  these were used instead of a headset so the ladies (and gents) did not disturb their hair or have to remove a hat.  Thanks to Jeff Lendaro, Chuck Azzalina and Mark Lynch and Paul Edie  for their help and research on these Counter demonstrator units so far.     







IMG_7521 - Copy.jpg


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