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Unusually shaped brown wax cylinder


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I recently got this unusually shaped brown wax cylinder in a small lot that I bought on French eBay and am wondering why this brown wax cylinder looks like this.


Length and inner diameter aren't unusual. But the playing surface on both ends is much thicker than usual (probably the width that an unshaved blank was) and doesn't fit in any standard cylinder box. The middle of the record is thinner than a regular cylinder and the reproducer barely touches it. For more details see the photos. Unfortunately it is heavily moulded and as far as I could find out there is nothing recorded on it.


If you have any ideas why this is shaped like that, or maybe even have the explanation to it, please let me know.




Unusual cut brown wax cylinder.jpg

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I'd question the premise that this is a record.  I certainly can't offer an explanation of what else it might be, but its form would make manufacture, playing, and/or shaving difficult.  Its tapered core, however, certainly makes a strong argument.


If it is indeed a record, specialized use is suggested - such as a machine that would be subjected to movement; perhaps a return attachment that required such a record.


It's a puzzler for sure.


George P.

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