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FOR SALE: Mistakenly called Trade Mark phonograph


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Mistakenly called Trade Mark phonograph

This machine is a good example of an early French Gramophone Company machine from 1903-05. It is the so called "New Style No. 3 It has the Trade Mark cabinet, but motor is different from the first Berliners and it has a larger spring housing and different brake and regulator.

I bought this machine about 15 years ago. I cleaned all mechanical parts of old grease, oil and gunk and inspected them for damage and re lubricated with first grade motor grease. The cabinet was not restored, was only wiped down. All metal parts were wiped down with light oil dampened cloth.

When I state "Original" regarding a part of the machine, it means that it is based on the opinion of other phonograph collectors, I obtained over the years and refer to made by the Eldridge Johnson Company in Camden and imported by W.B. Owen to the UK.

The phonograph presented "as sold", meaning that it is equipped with reproducers, horns and record clamps appropriate for the machine when originally sold. What it does not mean that the machine came completely in one piece.

All original parts and unrestored finish troughout. Nickle 55%. Oak cabinet with "Recording Angel" logo on ivory colored insert on the front, nickel plated zinc horn without dings. Fully rebuilt, but original mica Concert "long throat" reproducer. Runs well, with moderate noise. The felt is not "original". It is a nice clean felt from a later Victor turntable.

I am not an antiques dealer or collectible vendor. I am not intending to make money on these items. I am a retired physicianI, not a real collector, more an enthusiast. I am selling these items because I am getting to the age that I have to down size and my phonographs and gramophones are just collecting dust. They deserve better.

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The machine looks to be in nice order, do you have a price in mind that you would like to get?  These G&T machines fetch lower prices here in the US, but I might be interested as I have wanted a trademark machine for quite a while.





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Hello. I would like to purchase your phonograph if you are selling it for a reasonable price. Could you please provide the amount you want, or do you want me to make an offer? I really like the phonograph and it will be one of the best in my collection. I live in Delaware so it would have to be packed and shipped. Would that be a problem?

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I tried getting a response from this person in October and November about this machine, but no dice. Seems a lost cause. 😕

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