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FOR SALE: Trade Mark Gramophone/Phonograph


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Trade Mark Gramophone/Phonograph

For sale is a first edition British version of the Berliner Trade Mark Gramophone. This was the first gramophone sold by the Gramophone Company in the UK. Around 1898.

I bought this machine about 15 years ago. I cleaned all mechanical parts of old grease, oil and gunk and inspected them for damage and re lubricated with first grade motor grease. The cabinet was not restored, was only wiped down. All metal parts were wiped down with light oil dampened cloth.

When I state "Original" regarding a part of the machine, it means that it is based on the opinion of other phonograph collectors, I obtained over the years and refer to made by the Eldridge Johnson Company in Camden and imported by W.B. Owen to the UK.

The phonograph presented "as sold", meaning that it is equipped with reproducers, horns and record clamps appropriate for the machine when originally sold. What it does not mean that the machine came completely in one piece.

All original parts and original unrestored finish of the oak cabinet, horn and all metal parts. The turntable has original felt. The base plate has the : Made in the USA stamp on the bottom. The Gramophone Company decal is in good shape. On the originality of the traveling arm I received mixed opinions. Nickle plating about 70%, original brown leather elbow in good shape, has record clamp and brass horn without dings or blemishes. Motor professionally cleaned, all gears in good shape. The reproducer is a Clark-Johnson type J with a late serial number. It has been professionally rebuilt with new gasket, but original mica membrane. The gramophone runs well, not too noisy.

I am not an antiques dealer or collectible vendor. I am not intending to make money on these items. I am a retired physicianI, not a real collector, more an enthusiast. I am selling these items because I am getting to the age that I have to down size and my phonographs and gramophones are just collecting dust. They deserve better.

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An asking price would be appreciated, since this is not an auction site... it lets people know if they can consider purchasing it.  Also, the question of shipping is important...


Has this been sold?

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