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Mandy Lee Blues Record


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I found this blues record several years ago- Mandy Lee, "Rounders Blues" and "Wandering Papa Blues" on Perfect Records #109. I wasn't sure whether to post this as Disc Records or Artists and History since I was hoping someone might have information on the record as well as the artist. On the Internet I found out that this record was recorded in 1926 and that there were at least three recording artists in the 1920s who used the name Mandy Lee. That was about it. If you know any more about the record- is it difficult to find, is 1926 the correct year? or about the artist, Mandy Lee; I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!







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This is from Discogs, so take it with a grain of salt.

At least three different vaudeville blues singers called "Mandy Lee" recorded during the 1920s. The one who recorded "I Needs A Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan" - "Crap Shootin' Papa, Mama Done Caught Your Dice" - "Harlem Blues" and "Somebody's Been Loving My Baby" is possibly a pseudonym for Elizabeth Smith. The other two who recorded separately for Pathe' and Gennett are unknown if real people or pseudonyms. 

Steven Abrams' website indicates side A was recorded in April 1926, while side B was recorded in July, being released September-October. 


(https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Business/Music/Archive-Talking-Machine-IDX/IDX/20s/Talking-Machine-1926-09-OCR-Page-0215.pdf#search="rounders blues-vocal")

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