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Columbia N coin-op -- surreal lighting


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When I stepped into my little home office after dinner last night the shades were drawn and lights were out. The room was completely dark except for one spot: my N coin-op was glowing like something out of a science fiction movie. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a photo.


The setting sun was square in the center of our bathroom window. The very bright and focused light pointed in a straight line directly toward the right side of the coin-op, where it then reflected off of the back of the nickel-plated horn's bell to create the eerie halo effect.


It was mesmerizing, but lasted only a few moments.




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Great to see and glad you captured it on film. Moments like this are fleeting and nice when you have them and can capture them. Just great photo. Reminds me of when I got my Zonophone home I took a photo of the horn and was surprised in how it turned out. I was never able to reproduce the same thing again. But I have it in film and can share it with phono friends. Neil

shiny horn.jpg

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