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2 minutes ago, Valecnik said:

Fran, regarding your Hungarian gramophone with dealer tag, you might find it interesting to know that I've actually been to Esztergom.    It's a city with a long history going back to Roman times.  I wonder how that machine made it to you?  

Hi Bruce, that's interesting and I should put some effort into researching the city.


I bought it from Wyatt Markus several years ago for my wife. Where and how he had acquired it, I don't know. Sharon's paternal great-great grandparents were from Poland, and we've a few Columbia (green label) Polish and Hungarian records that made it to us from her parent's estate - although any real connection to the Gramophone is imagined by us. We fell in love with the horn, and when we took a closer look at the case, we had to have it. It's unique to any other European Gramophones I've seen through my study of advertising. Karl Lindstroem contacted me many years ago after he noticed I had posted photos of it on one of the FB antique phono groups, with the explanation that his father's (grandfather's?) company sold the motors and horns throughout Europe in the teens - and specifically the "Union" motor. I've seen only one or two others in photos. Somewhere I saved his notes.


It's a fascinating story, but if only I knew it's journey to the states...




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