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Anyone ever come across one of these?


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I expected a pile-on in response to this, but in the absence of other input, I'll offer mine.


The machine pictured is missing its tone arm and sound box, without which it cannot play.  The twin horns appear to be relatively modern Indian creations, commonly found on fake machines.  The cabinet and external hardware may be genuine 1910-mid-1920s European manufacture, but the poor picture makes it difficult to tell.  Likewise, the angle of the crank cannot be seen (an angled crank is a sure sign of a creation made from a portable phonograph).  The record hides the turntable.  In short, this image evokes a number of red flags.


As for the identification plate, it carries no city or even country of origin, to say nothing of model designation.  The machine certainly does not feature an exponential horn system but perhaps the "exponential hone system" is a sharpening device unknown outside of this particular brand. 


If the machine is for sale, it should be listed in the "Classifieds" section, but it's doubtful that it will elicit much interest without better pictures.


George P.

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