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Edison Advertising Cylinder Transcript


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This is a copy of the Edison Advertising Cylinder transcript that accompanied the 2-minute Advertising cylinder which Edison provided to his dealers, for demonstration purposes.



This document, as well as those listed below, was just added to the APS content library, available for viewing within 24 hours via the Library / Content menu.


The Victor Main Spring Replacement instructions are available immediately via the Catalog menu.



Biophone Patent

Capehart Amperion Manual

Capehart Amperion Schematic

Edison Advertising Cylinder Transcript

Fosler Automatic Stop Patent

Vicsonia Reproducer_Instructions

Victor Main Spring Replacement_Instructions, courtesy Ron L’Herault

Edison Record Release Dates

Edison Class C Standard Speaker Greenhill Patent

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The Advertising Record is obviously a wonderful and very fun rarity. Originals are incredibly hard to find, but fortunately there have been excellent copies made over the years by Electrophone, Wizard, Vulcan, and others. An inexpensive way to have one to demonstrate for interested guests.


If you have one of these replicas, here's how to dress it up. Print out the attached label (at your printer's highest resolution) and paste it on top of any common Gold Moulded cylinder box.



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Here's an alternate version, for those who prefer perfection. I created this by very carefully matching the font, size, position, spacing, color, etc., to the point that the recreation overlays the original nearly exactly. But to my taste, it's a bit too perfect -- I prefer the aged one (which looks much better printed to size than blown up on the screen).




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