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Value of DD # 52305 Winegar's Penn. Boys


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A friend of mine has a collection of Diamond Discs she purchased at a garage sale thinking they were 78's...some were missing labels and I offered to look up the titles using the numbers imprinted on the discs.  Imagine my surprise when I found that 52305 was a much sought-after recording  by Winegar's Pennsylvania Boys!  The record has no label, but appears to be in very good+ condition.  I will bring it home tomorrow to play it and fully check out condition as she does not have a Diamond Disc phonograph!  She wants to sell the record along with another Electric Edison recording, # 52385 "Memories of France" and "I Dream of Lilac Time".  I know 52305 is extremely difficult to find and is a fantastic representation of early jazz (Edison listed it as Fox Trot) but I have no idea what she should ask for one or both of these records.  I would love to have 52305 but fear it may be out of my financial reach if its value is anything like that of "Charleston"  #51542 which on the rare occasions that I've seen it offered it was selling for several hundred dollars!  Any help would be most appreciated!  She  is a friend so I would not even dream of trying to cheat her on the value of the record!  If there is interest on this board I will post pictures of the record and give a full rating on how it sounds after I play it tomorrow (Oct. 28) 

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I had a chance to examine the record (52305) today and it is in magnificent condition...easily considered excellent! Attached are some pictures I took.  The record was dry in these pics, not wet, though it looks wet! You can see the grooves are in excellent shape with no scratches.  It also has one label still attached, as seen in the pictures. The R side label is the one missing. I'll upload some video on Youtube so you can hear how great this thing sounds and add a link later today. 




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I looked on Popsike by typing in Edison 52305.  It came up with 8 sales since 2007.  The highest price was $232 for one in Near Mint condition.  The lowest price was $32 for one in very good condition.  I averaged the prices of seven sales, not counting the NM sale.  The average price was $64.  Price depends on condition, including the condition of the labels, as well as who is bidding, and how many collectors see the ad.  

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