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3 Cylinder Edison Box

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I just acquired one of these boxes. Anyone know anything about them? My guess is some kind of package deal otherwise why a box of 3. it is labelled as a Pardell folding box on the bottom.




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These were introduced by the Pardee-Ellenberger Company in 1907, and came in sizes to hold 3, 6 or a dozen cylinder records.  These remained available into the wax Amberol era.  Here's an advertisement from the December 1907 issue of The Talking Machine World:


George P.


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Here is my 3 cylinder box. A few years ago I purchased this at the Union phonograph show. There were a number of old new stock boxes still folded and had not been put together into the shape of the box. It is so nice it almost looks fake, but it is the real thing.







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Never saw one like shown but very nice. I have a little box from Thomas A. Edison, Inc. Orange, N.J. and assume it was meant for blue amberol cylinders. I know nothing else about my box. 





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