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Miscellaneous Photos

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Shown below are several items from my collection I thought I'd share.


  • First is a mammoth size photo, c1898, of a gentleman seated with a trademark Berliner.  It came from England and wonder if this photo originally came from Gramophone and Typewriter Co. offices.  Can any identify him?


  • Second photo is a mammoth photo, c1922, with Thomas Edison and Charles Steinmetz examining an insulator damaged by artificial lightning, in Schenectady, NY.


  • Although this photo is not Edison or phonograph related, it's still a very important image. This is the most famous photo of Alexander Graham Bell.  It was exhibited in a  NYC gallery and depicts  Alexander Graham Bell making the first long distance call from NY to Chicago.  The information from the original linen backing credits George P Hall and Sons and it may be the only original first generation print known.


  • Last is the original copy from an ad from the 1927 Edison Christmas Tips trade publication written in Edison's own hand and framed with a copy of the ad.







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