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Edison Advertising Sign and Frame

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I just purchased this framed Edison Phonographs and Records sign which I am guessing  hung in an Edison phonograph dealer’s store in Cleveland, Ohio.

The oak frame especially intrigued me as it has the Thomas A. Edison trademark signature incised into it a good 1/4 inch plus deep.

I was wondering if anyone has seen such a frame and if it was something that came from the Edison factory with the advertising ready to be hung up.











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That is an amazing find! There are lots of copies of that poster but originals are incredibly rare. So that alone is a major piece. But the original and branded frame puts it way over the top. I've never seen anything like it, but I have no reason to doubt it's original.


Congratulations, that's a wonderful piece.

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Fantastic sign and frame! I have never seen the sign framed this way. The others were framed just around the actual sign. Great find.

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What a wonderful find.  I have a copy in my home office that I like a lot but yours is just wonderful for the reasons noted!


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KinetoGuy - Great example.  I took liberty to edit and rotate photos.  Hope you don't mind.  I can restore originals if you wish. - rod

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Thank you Rod, greatly appreciate your cleaning up my posting....I always have that problem..posting photos upside down or sideways....one of these days I hope to figure that out.....

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Has anyone ever tried removing water stains from something like this.

It looked relatively simple and harmless from what I saw on the internet. 

Basically, brush on water and press down with a paper towel and the stain gets soaked up..

However, sounds too simple and I do not want to do any damage to it......


Just got provenance on this:

Seller bought the sign from an elderly gentlemen in the early 1990s.

The elderly gentleman found it in a building he bought in the 1940s.

The elderly gentleman said he heard there was a furniture dealer and a phonograph dealer in the building.

It was on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland

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