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HMV Record Shipping Box

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I came upon 2 of these last year and could not pass on them at $9 each. 12" HMV record boxes addressed to a store with a London address. I know it looks terrible but I doubt I will ever find another. May hand it over to a paper conservator to see what can be done or let it wear the age with pride.




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An example of this box is found in Volume III of Nipper Collectibles.  The example shown in our book is from a collector friend who

purchased it in England.  It is interesting to view the taped seals on your box. The best in restoring your HMV record box.  


Joan & Rob




HMV Record Box 2.jpg

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For something that was likely on a rather rough ride to its destination, I think it looks great. Not many of these left I imagine. Crates & boxes are something I always find fascinating. They were never meant to be kept, and not many were. I have Victor and Edison crate panels hanging on nearly every wall in the house 😄

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