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American Zonophone Victor product

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Here I show you my Zonophone made by and sold by Victor. I found the name in George Paul's and Tim Fabrizio's book (one of them). I show you that entry too. I would love to have an earlier Zonophone but have this at least. I bought it after the person sent me photos of it. I did not realize the size of the horn. Horn is covered but no name on it so no doubt recovered by a previous owner. Do you all have a Zonophone machine to show us? Older ones are I think more desirable but I do love mine. The two holes in the metal plate are just like the ones on an earlier Victor M rigid arm machine. I guess in case I want to update the sound box. I took a photo of the horn (shiny) when I brought it home and have never been able to duplicate that shiny/glowing effect.

shiny horn.jpg







zonophone brake.JPG

zonophone escrutcheon.JPG

zonophone from book.jpg

zonophone mine 2.jpg

zonophone mine 3.jpg

zonophone mine.jpg


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39 minutes ago, Auxetophone said:

The first horn photo immediately reminded me of this...😂



What is this from? A movie? Does look like my horn photo sort of. 

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