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Caruso in Concert Toledo Program - May 3, 1917

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I thought I would share this Caruso program I've had for several years. It's not dated with a year, but I was able to figure out that he played at the Terminal Auditorium in Toledo on May 3, 1917 from a page in the May 6, 1917 edition of "Musical America."















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The Hardman Piano ad in the program reminded me of a Caruso ad I have for Hardman pianos. This is lousy picture with glare from the glass, but it is a great piece and is signed by Caruso in 1910.



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Nice stuff, guys.  Any idea where the Hardman photo was taken?  It's a baby grand and appears to be in a house not a showroom.


Caruso got off easy in the Queen City.  3 arias he could sing in his sleep and he was outta there.  But I don't think he was as lucky in Argentina in 1899.  This program is for Yupanki, an obscure opera about an Incan warrior.






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