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Found 8 results

  1. Neilvanstem

    The Prince of Pilsen Airs

    I've looked them up. I've found them in the machines I own. I have played and listened to them. Edison's is the best by far and away just the best all around! I wish I had more discs like this one of his. Oh by the way I even found out who this Prince of Pilsen was! I show some of the cast from the 1903 musical too! I believe Edison's was 1924 and the Victors 1910-1914.
  2. Neilvanstem

    Victor C later style

    Well I knew nothing as is usual then I buy this and start to investigate. I see the early C had a metal top and so this came later but think still 1901. First Victor machine model with side crank. Crank does not move while unwinding and can be wound while playing. Plays and sounds good to my ears. I believe this is a Concert sound box which is not as bad as I thought it might be!!! A brake I have never seen before and think I read used only for about a year? Any way this is my Victor C. I had to find it in Look for the dog as I did not see it in the Data Book. My record box was made by a neigh
  3. Neilvanstem

    Victor O

    I was scheduled to see and hopefully buy a Victor C and I did but he brought along this machine which I could not resist buying also. I had never seen a Victor O nor heard of it. I see in the Victor Data Book this model is from about 1913. Plays nice and in fact had to put a sock in it (the horn) as it was loud. Rust on the turn table may be worked on in the future. It would be nice if the decal was more on the side of the horn but not sure anything can be done about that. So here it is.
  4. Neilvanstem

    VV 2-65 portable without brake

    Did not know if I should put this in the 'wanted' section. I did look there but looked confusing to me. I have this wonderful portable VV 2-65 and would love to find a brake that fits those five holes and that is the proper round shape. I have the part attached to the tone arm so if proper brake would not need that (I think). ha ha
  5. Mainspring

    Victor Model P

    Greetings, a few years back I acquired this Victor Model P. I am sure you know that this is a fairly undocumented model because it was given away as a "Premium" by stores when other purchases were made. It was also made up of parts available and took many forms. I would love to see pictures from other P owners. Mine is a straight P as opposed to a P-1, -2, or -3 and has a concert reproducer.
  6. Neilvanstem

    The word Victor in runoff area

    Anyone ever see this before with the word Victor in the run off area of this seven inch record? Wondering if you have any information about this. Thanks.
  7. Neilvanstem


    Someone recently acquired a VTLA and he produced a YouTube video discussing it and also many photos on APS facebook site. I was amazed at all the differences between his and mine. To name a few. He had no needle cups only a pull out drawer on top under motor board. I have a piano hinge and he had two small hinges holding the lid and a different lid support from mine. His serial number by the way is 658 and mine 1729 and from what I gather both made in 1907. His horn did not have the Patent Applied for inside it and mine does. He has an in the slot crank and mine is a female crank that screws o
  8. Auxetophone

    VTLA Advertisements

    Thought I would share some VTLA ads! I thought I had more than one flat-top ad but I could only find 1...🧐
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