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Found 3 results

  1. I call it my G&T machine. Never could remember what it is actually called I think because the name changed over time. But nice even if not all original. It is better looking then when I bought it though. It had a worse crank that went up and down when you cranked. It had some strange elbow and a horn that looked like it belonged to and Edison cylinder machine. Still has the wrong brake as you can see a few holes where the original used to be. I will try to upload a photo of the brake I think should be there. Anyone know how to find one let me know! Also I will show a photo and information
  2. I bought this a few years ago and though it does not say it's a Vivatonal nor does it say it is British it is both. Circa 1927 I believe. A great sound and look. I also include an ad someone once showed me I think at the old talking machine forum.
  3. Neilvanstem

    Edison Bell 351

    This was my first machine back in 1982 given to me as a 30th birthday present. I was off to the races after that. I was in love with a hobby I had not known existed. This is light as a feather to use an old phrase. I can easily carry it up and down my three flights of stairs. Single spring motor. No space for records down below. I have surmised the machine was made between May of 1926 and before the companies demise in 1933 after reading Peter Martland's book on The British Record Industry 1888-1931. I've only seen one or two over the years and only online. I would think common in England thou
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